My mission in this work is to uplift and empower each and every person who is open to receiving it.  I believe that each of us is greater than we realize.  It is my hope and desire to encourage and enable everyone to stand in their greatness and live their life from that vantage point. 

If you could imagine a whole community, nation, and world of people who understand how great they are and who understand how great everyone else is, too, then you will be able to understand my intention.  I imagine people who live from an empowered place of being, people who use that creative power for the betterment of others as well as themselves.  I believe by empowering and encouraging people, we could eliminate the need for anger, rage, and war.  It would leave room for kindness, understanding, helpfulness, joy, and a spirit of unity.  We, as human beings, long for those things. 

This is my goal:  to teach people to overcome their emotional, physical, and energetic roadblocks so they can live the life they really want to experience; live life to the fullest.

Through the MP3s, I hope to reach all those who are searching for ways to experience the fullness of life.

It has been my experience as a therapist that many of our challenges in life began in childhood. My vision, then, was to begin at the beginning of life.  That’s how the Baby’s VIEW recording was born.  I wanted to let babies hear over and over just how wonderful they are, how needed they are in the world, and how much they are loved.  These repeated messages get into the sub-conscious mind where they form the foundation of a healthy self-esteem. 

Together, we can change a generation.  A generation of people can change the world.